Heroes Of Darkmoon

Early Tales Of the Darkmoon Guild

Until the Defeat of Avonathemon

Fresh from being hired for the Darkmoon Guild, and straight into the nearest danger. The way it begins for all who join.

The original Darkmoon members (Jimmy Darkbow, Khelgar Copperfist, Maximus Aura, Sethiropth Magothem, Rodney Frostbottom and Slicer Shadowforce) journeyed to a tomb system relatively far from Darkmoon, which was experiencing “Visitors” in the form of a small Goblin clan taking up residence there. The Guild, dispite minor setbacks such as waking the dead and getting seperated, wiped the tombs clean, and began what would become a quite perilous journey back home.

Within a day of their return journey, the Guild ran into a large blizzard – Unusual, seeing as it was both Summer, and in a wooded area. They eventually stumbled upon the source of the (What they found to be) magical weather – A mysterious tower, encased in ice. After a brief skirmish outdoors with some animated statues, the group found what was responsible for this – A group of Ice archons, who had taken over the tower. The group battled to the roof, where they found how this was taking place – Through a huge crystal, tied to a Spirit of Winter. After a daring battle, involving Maximus having his life saved by Shadowforce (Through, albiet, a slightly “Unorthadox” method), the Spirit was destroyed, and the group were able to move on.

Between the Tomb and Darkmoon is a small area known as “Relkingham”. Well known for it’s success as a mercantile haven, the reputation of the area was to be dragged through the mud by a rogue Vizier called Avonathemon. Avonathemon had recently imposed a new tarrif to those entering the area, and a most unusual one at that – Each group had to sacrifice a hand and an eye to the Vizier. A council member of Relkingham met with the Guild, seeking their aid in uncovering why this new tax was to be imposed. The guild, not wishing to hand over their limbs, agreed to do so. The Darkmoon Guild travelled to a nearby village, and met with the Founder of Relkingam. After a brief discussion, the founder was convinced to end the tax – However, Avonathemon had already gained enough hands and eyes to begin a foul ritual. By the time the Guild arrived at the Temple where Avonathemon had holed himself and his minions (Alive and undead), he was already part-way through it, creating a beam of pure necrotic power which he intended to absorb. As the Guild entered, Maximus was flung into the beam by one of Avonathemon’s magical powers, and promptly cut down by a barbarian in employ of the Vizier. It was here that Maximus was killed, and has to have his body dragged from the temple to a nearby cleric, to be ressurected. Avonathemon was stopped, mercifully, and the Guild returned to Darkmoon, pockets distinctly lighter from the Raise Dead fees.



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