Heroes Of Darkmoon

Early Tales Of the Darkmoon Guild Pt. 2

From The Arrival of Dante, To The Death of Both Khelgar and Rodney

On returning home, back to the Dark Moon Pub (The current location in which the Guild is based), the members were greeted by the newest arrival to the team – A Paladin named Dante Riverside. As the Guild began it’s customary “Drink-Until-You-Pass-Out” initiation celebration (Strangely enough, it is hard for people to pass out by drinking Cranberry Juice), it was rudely interupted by a group of Goblins bursting through the front door of the pub. These Goblins were covered in glowing arcane runes – And on the death of the creature tattoed with the runes, they spontaneously exploded.

Enraged at their alcoholic beverages being ruined by being exploded, the group tracked the Goblins to a nearby cave system. They battled through, with only a few minor hitches (Such as the tunnel nearly collapsing, and the knowledge that if a magical barrier broke, then they could drown in the tunnels), until they reached the lowest level. Here, a mage and his goblinoid lackeys prepared to fight to the death – Until they were engulfed by a spirit eating demon. The death of the mage shattered the barrier, and the final few souls eaten by the demon allowed it to manifest a physical form. Desperately, the group battled both demon and flood in an attempt to escape. Once the demon’s physical form was destroyed, both Dante and Slicer attempted to end it’s physical form – Dante by releasing the trapped souls, Slicer attempting to absorb their energy. In the end, Slicer succeeded, and gained a new power, but also a new curse – He hungered for souls.

Within a week of barely escaping with their lives, the Guild was informed of the location of a rumoured cult, similar to that they had fought. They set off to uncover the truth behind what was going on, or at least, put an end to it. On arrival, the Guild found a small cloister of guards in a shack. They defeated those, and freed a person who was forced to fight for the guards – A Prismatic Man, known only as Gerald. He had came through a nearby portal, and was captured in the process. The group entered this portal, which led to the prismatic plane, a place of confusion, illusions, and very, very gaudy colour schemes.

Within the town to which they had been teleported, the group found a bandit group with similar traits to the runic cult. On attempting to bring them to justice, it turned out the entire town was actually “In” on the bandit’s schemes. After fighting their way clear, the group eventually arrived at the Cult’s headquaters, having been directed by a captured bandit. They infiltrated the cult, and, in a scene of minor-ultraviolence, managed to stop the entire cult – However, in the process, Maximus Aura was cut down by a pair of swordsmen. The group then took Maximus’ body with them through a portal into the Material Plane – However, not all the group wound up in the correct location, as Khelgar Copperfist found himself in the Underdark, and Rodney Frostbottom found himself into the Abyss.


It’s only listed as “Early Tales Of The Darkmoon Guild”.


Hey how come i aints in it i mean come i saved camerons ass from death and stopped them kilin us so why arnt i mentiond


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