Heroes Of Darkmoon

The Castle In The Sky

Undeath at 20,000 Ft

The Darkmoon Guild returned from their journey across the planes, having made a new ally, but lost Slicer, Rodney and Khelgar. Several quiet weeks passed, with the Guild having little to do barring train themselves, and become incredibly drunk on Cranberry Juice. Fortunately for all involved, Claude managed to uncover an anonomy within Darkmoon borders – a mysterious floating object, slowly tracing a path across the skies.

The Darkmoon Guild, aided by Claude’s airship he had somehow kept hidden, took to the skies in search of whatever had appeared. As they drew closer, two things were discovered. The first thing was that it appeared to be some form of partially ruined castle, and the second was that someone (Or thing, for that matter) was attempting to protect it, as the Guild had to fend off several attacks on the vessel.

Once the airship actually docked with the castle, Sethiropth Magothem and Dante Riverside set off to explore the ruins. Upon the castle, they encountered large numbers of undead beings, with barely a few actual persons in the area – All of whom were hostile. By the time the intrepid pair arrived at the top, they (Along with Maximus Aura, who overslept and had only just caught up with them) had uncovered parts of a parchment covered in Arcane Runes, seemingly some sort of an unfinished ritual.

On the roof of the Castle, the Guild briefly witnessed a figure escape upon some form of winged beast, ushered away by a Skull Lord, who turned his six eyes upon the Guild in fury. In a desperate battle, Maximus and Sethiropth managed to overcome the undying mage, and found a third piece of the ritual scroll – However, the scroll itself was still incomplete. Gathering what they could, the Darkmoon Guild left the ruined castle, leaving it to drift it’s course across the skies, and returned to Darkmoon.



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