Heroes Of Darkmoon

The Rugdumph Heirloums

We have entered the main base of what appears to be a group of acid-mutated goblins. The goblins here were, as far as we know at this stage, experimented on along with many other creatures including a Girallon. We were forced to, after coming close to death in battle with the aforementioned Girallon and a Black Pudding (An Ooze), rest in a sealed off room.

Continuing with the quest to retrieve the Rugdumph family heirloums, Sethiropth Magothem and Bruce Awe-some ventured deeper into the base. After narrowly defeating a room filled with Goblins and poorly maintained floorboards, they attempted to clear a path up a chamber flowing with acid. This went poorly at best, as Sethiropth was killed in the process, leaving only Maximus Aura as the only active member of the original team Claude put together for the Darkmoon Guild. The group has holed themselves up in a side-chamber, near where Seth met his end. Seth requested just that if he dies to go out with a bang by setting off all of his firebombs at once.

Upon arriving at the final chamber, Maximus Aura and Johm Smith were met by a goblin shaman, who had placed a force-field around his lair. As the barbarian forced his way though, the field was cut out as an adult Black Dragon burst from the acid surrounding the lair, and ripped the shaman in two. A frantic battle ensued between Man ( and Dwarf) and Dragon – One only won when Shyet Systafer arrived, rescuing Maximus Aura from near certain death, and aiding the pair fight off the beast. It was eventually slain, and the Darkmoon Guild were able to retrieve the items which were stolen from Lord Rugdumph.

On returning to their employer, Rugdumph quickly took the sword and book from the guildmembers, and trapped them in a paralisation field, using this time to cast a ritual. Whatever the ritual was expected to do in unknown, but two things are certain – That his purposes were not begign, as he was transformed into a hideous monstrosity that was able to spawn small versions of itself, and that whatever the Lord’s plan was, it involved a “Chained One”. Upon Rugdumph’s tranformation’s death, the beast fizzled and dissapeared in a black flame, leaving behind little more than a mysterious chain, which Johm Smith is currently wearing around his neck.



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