Alistair Dragonbane

Captain of the Darkmoon Guard

  • Skin Tone – Tanned
  • Hair Colour – Black, fading to grey in places.
  • Hair Appearance – Well kept, straight, fringeless
  • Eye Colour – Blue
  • Height – 6”3’
  • Weight – 84Kg
  • Age – 47
  • Build – Broad, muscular
  • Distinctive Features – Large scar on his left cheek, from one of his earlier battles in protection of Darkmoon City.
  • Appearance – Wears the traditional Darkmoon City Guard Captain’s armour on day to day buisness. The armour is chainmail, with a woven Emblem of Darkmoon on the front, with golden trims around the emblem, and around the ranking symbols on the shoulders. Has the Captain’s sword, a silvered Longsword, at his waist, and a shield on his back, also with the Darkmoon emblem emblazoned on it.
  • Class – Fighter

Alistair was the third child to Alain and Miera Dragonbane. Alain was the then Captain of the Darkmoon Guard, and expected at least one of his children to follow in his footsteps. Alistair, along with his brother (Brandis) and sister (Cassi), were trained from a young age in the ways of combat, leadership, and honour, each day more rigorous than the last. Eventually, the day arrived when Alistair was old enough to join the Darkmoon Guard, and more importantly, his family trade continued.

He made a name for himself during the Siege of Darkmoon, being the driving force behind a crucial counter-attack which all but crushed the morale of the invading Orcish tribes. From then, he went from strength to strength, quickly rising in ranks in the Darkmoon Guard, during the cleanup operations regarding the remaining Orc tribes. It was during these Orcish Wars that Brandis was killed, holding off Orcs in order to allow a group of civilians to enter Darkmoon City. As of current, Alistair is held very highly by the Darkmoon community for his past deeds, yet he still believes that he still has to lead one last battle in defence of Darkmoon before his impending retirement. He is both jealous of the Guild, as they’re living a life he once held, and proud of them, for protecting the lands he cannot.

Alistair Dragonbane

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