Bruce Awe-some

Fighter of the Darkmoon Guild

  • Age: 42
  • Address: 34 Bazinga ave
  • Favourite drink: BEER GLORIOUS BEER
  • Favourite food: pie
  • Last time had a shower: PAH!!!! showers are for the weak
  • Hobbies: Killing gnomes, , bowling, eating, killing more gnomes drinking, scratching ma arse, killing things.
  • Hate: Acid, but love the taste
  • Love: His beloved weaponry
  • Class: Fighter

BRUCE AWE-SOME was born in 1845 in th town of darkmoon he was always a very independent kid. later in life he killed his mother and father because they wouldn’t let him have his pie and beer unless he threw his weapons away. he ended up befriending john smith, they always had small quarrels they both loved beer.

he met new friends along the way including Dante Riverside, Shyet Systafer, Theren Chros and Zach Behemoth. he also met a strange and annoying human who keeps dying his name is Maximus Aura.

Bruce Awe-some

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