Claude Grahame Smith

Leader/founder of the Darkmoon Guild.

  • Skin Tone – Pale
  • Hair Colour – Dark Blue
  • Eye Colour – Yellow
  • Height – 5’7”
  • Weight – 68Kg
  • Age – 24
  • Build – Lithe
  • Distinctive Features – Has cat ears, just above where a human’s would be, but is otherwise mostly human physically.
  • Appearance – Wears his “Lucky” white scarf at all times, along with his midnight-blue leather tunic. When outdoors, wears a black cloak with red lining. Always has his favourite sword, Wanda, at his side.
  • Deity – The Red Knight
  • Class – Warlock (Star Pact)

Claude was born and raised in the City of Darkmoon. His parents, Grahame and Mari Smith, ran (and still own) a small shop called “The Banner And Blade”, an armament store, in which they also lived. As such, Claude spent much of his early life learning mercantile skills with his parents. It was here that he met his close friend, now known as “Slicer Shadowforce”, a fellow catfolk.

When Claude was roughly 14 years of age, he stumbled upon an arcane tome, sold to Claude’s family store, containing an ancient language. He eventually, with the aid of Slicer and a local scholar, translated this tome, and learnt of a “Star Pact”, which would grant the wielder great power. To a fourteen year old merchant in training, it seemed as good a way as any to stand as a mark of friendship between himself and Slicer. Unfortunately, it happened to have an effect neither saw coming – By the end of the pact, an Eldrich power flowed through both himself and Slicer, both of them now more powerful than half of Darkmoon City’s population.

The two decided upon using their new-found powers for good – At least, their perception of it. They, using the Darkmoon Pub as an unofficial “base”, took on contracts to the best of their abilities. After a particularly harrowing encounter with a young black dragon, Slicer commented on how useful having people who could come with them on their contracts would be. Claude took this idea to heart, and began the process of hiring recruits for his newly founded “Darkmoon Guild”. Over time, the Darkmoon Guild gained minor fame, wealth, and occasionally, a new recruit who wouldn’t run for their life at the first sign that they were in trouble.

Shortly after the Guild gamed fame, Claude took over his unofficial base, The Darkmoon pub, it finally becoming the official home of The Darkmoon Guild. He has had to leave running around killing things primarily to his team of ragtag heroes, in order to maintain the guild, but has still got “It” – “It” being the ability to take on almost anything and come out relatively intact.

Claude Grahame Smith

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