Keira Nightshade

Invoker Pledged to the Templars Of Steel


Kiera Nightshade was hired by the Darkmoon Guild due to a general shortage of available members at the time – This was shortly after the group had returned back from investigating a floating castle. She was brought in along with Shyet Systafer, when Claude found a number of contracts for the guild to perform. She successfully took part in the defeat of the Mind Flayer invasion, and also with the downfall of the “Righteous Storm” Cult.

After the group’s success with these two contracts, Kiera went missing, apparantly captured by an unknown group. She was later rescued by The Templars Of Steel whom she later joined. Her current opinion of the Darkmoon Guild is low, needless to say – She hoped that her former companions would be able to rescue her, but it was a chance encounter with Slicer Shadowforce that saved her life from a Mind-Flayer Cult. She was horrifically drained of her physical strength, and her life was barely held together by a Divine ritual, which infused her with the powers of the god Avandra. She is now far weaker than she was before, but her resolve has never been stronger.

Keira Nightshade

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