Khelgar Copperfist

The Dwarven Cleric who wouldn't heal. Anyone.

  • Age (At Death) – 20
  • Skin Tone – Tanned
  • Hair Colour – Brown
  • Eye Colour – Brown
  • Height – 4”1’
  • Weight – 120Kg
  • Build – Stout
  • Class – Cleric

Raised by a “Dark Shadow Lord” due to his parents unexplained imprisonment, Khelgar generally never got along well with others. His time with the Darkmoon Guild did little to aid that. He was a reluctant healer, who would help himself, and, very rarely, consider aiding someone else.

He was with the Guild from the start, and followed it through until the Guild travelled to the Prismatic Plane, in search of a mysterious cult who had magical runes engraved into their members. He was lost in the teleport home, which scattered some of the members to different locales. The last heard of Khelgar was a battle between him, and a small army of drow. He is missing, assumed dead, and shall probably be not missed by Maximus, who met his demise several times due to the refusal of Khelgar to heal him, most notably roughly ten minutes before the teleport flung the dwarf into the heart of the Underdark, and into a Drow citadel.

Khelgar Copperfist

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