Maximus Aura

The Cursed One

  • Age – 29
  • Skin Tone – Pale (before final death)
  • Hair Colour – Brown (before final death)
  • Eye Colour – Blue (before final death)
  • Height – 5"9’(before final death)
  • Weight – 81Kg (before final death)
  • Build – Thin (before final death)
  • Class – Wizard
  • Paragon Path – Planeshifter

Ring Form Stats

  • Colour – Black
  • Height – 0"1’
  • Weight – 2g

As a baby, his biological family was killed by a horde of goblins. They then burnt down the house that his family lived in. The only reason he survived was because an elven couple rescued him before the fire started and they raised him as their own son. At the age of ten, he met Ny’rus who was visiting the village Max lived in. Sensing arcana in his veins, Ny’rus introduced him to Lucan Davmorn, an Arcane Master, who agreed to teach him everything that Max knowns about Arcana and all the spells he knows. At the age of 24, he met Claude Grahame Smith and agreed to join (becoming the second member after Slicer Shadowforce) what is know known as the Darkmoon Guild. For the next five years, he worked for Claude and under his command successed in several missions. Over time, he developed a rivalry with Khelgar Copperfist who refused to heal anyone; especially Max. Recently, he hasn’t participated in many missions as he has been visiting his family, his mentor and his friend Ny’rus. During a mission in acid-mutated goblin base, Dante Riverside and Shyet Systafer agreed to meet him in the base, however they didn’t show up and left him with two rookies and, as a result, almost died along with the barbarian rookie.

The ancestor’s of the elves he lives with discovered an ancient power but they could not tell whether or not if it is good or evil so they built a civilisation around it in order to guard and protect. No one of this generation knows what it is except for the demons and they won’t mention what it is. No one will, not even the dead.

As a child, Max learned of a prophecy which spoke of a man named Cyrus Grey awoking the power and using it to destroy all the known planes and creating a new plane, one built for him to rule.

Max’s elven father is a guardian of the Power and is now the vilages leader while the mother is an arcane teacher. The daughter of the elven parents is a multiclass between a fighter and a wizard. She and Max trained when they weren’t with their mentors. When Max left, she left too so that she can explore however she does randomly show up whenever Maximus Aura is alone and in trouble.

Maximus discovered upon arriving in the City of Darkmoon that he has a half-brother as his real mother mated with another man before she met Max’s dad. The half-brother grew up and lived with his dad.

During his visits to his mentor’s hut, he would use a portal which sparked an interest in portals and the planes themselves, so he study everything he could on portals and the planes. During these study lessons, he discovered about Planeshifters and how they can enter other planes. As a result, he decided that IF he could he would be a Planeshifter.

When Max was going to Darkmoon with Claude, he discovered the house his parents died in and found a metal crate. Inside the crate was a couple of pictures with names on them, personal diaries and a birth certificate with Max’s real name on it, a name only he and Claude know, a name he knows and fears – Cyrus Grey.

During an excursion in the Feywild, Maximus Aura met his death to the hands of an Illithid. This would usually be the end of such a story as that of Maximus – However, it was not to be. Maximus was all but forced into a bargain with a mysterious being, one that has restored him to life, and granted him power beyond what he ever could have imagined as a simple Wizard – But at what cost?

That cost was revealed. During an adventure near the village he grow up in, the adventurers came across a group of warriors known only as the Guardians. It was their sacred duty to protect the power that Max was destined to use to destroy all the known planes. Due to his appearance, he was identified by the Guardians as The Cursed One, the reason that the Guardians are doomed to protect the power until The Cursed One is no longer a threat. Although he expected his allies to defend him, he was captured by the Guardians, with assistance from his allies.It appeared that he was doomed to die due to his bargain with the demonic being.

However, Fate had other ideas. Shyet, whom Max thought had abandon him, thought of a plan to save a form of him. Using an ancient ritual, he made a copy of Maximus’ personality, even though he faced resistance, and placed this copy in a ring. But Shyet gave the ring to Mialee in order to prove a point only for her to keep the ring for herself. She then, with assistance from her construct, defeated the Guild and left with Maximus Aura and the ultimate power in her possession.

But has the Prophecy been diverted?

Maximus Aura

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