Rodney Frostbottom

Frost Dwarf Fighter, who worked for the Darkmoon Guild


A Frost Dwarf (Which is already an unusual combination for the climate of Darkmoon), Rodney had a realtively uneventful childhood, learning only to fight. And fight he did, right down to his last breath.

He was a part of the original Darkmoon Guild team, and was with them up until he was lost, much like Khelgar, through a teleport from the Prismatic plane. He played a key role in the team, providing crucial melee prowess, dispite being slightly outdone by the newer member Dante Riverside. During his time with the Guild, he, in no particular order of importance, cut his way through half a room of cultists, nearly killed Maximus Aura (Twice), fell thirty feet and still landed gracefully, and ate ALL the pies. Every. Single. One.

Once the group fell through the teleport, he wound up in the Elemental Chaos – Unfortunately for him, he was directly inside the Abyss, the birthplace of Demons. He carved a bloody path through them, until the Aspect of the Prince Of Demons, Demogorgon, tore him in half.

Rodney Frostbottom

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