Sethiropth Magothem

Evil in a way crazy,silent,unseen and very hard to kill. He will look after his friends 90% of the time

  • Skin Tone – Lightly Tanned
  • Hair Colour – Black
  • Eye Colour – Hazel
  • Height – 6”1’
  • Weight – 73Kg
  • Build – Slim
  • Class – Rogue (Multiclass Wizard)
  • Deity – Grim Reaper
  • Paragon – Shadow Assassin

His dad was a crazed wizard warlord. His mum was a psycho rogue who can get what ever she wants ; just like she got Serbs farther and his treasures. His father died from trying to absorb all the the arcana he could find until his body couldn’t hold anymore – but he kept on trying and soon imploded into a portal which takes you to a land, a magic land filled with rainbow coloured people and wierdly coloured landscapes. His died after Seth turned 8 and had enrolled him into a rogue school were he was the best student and soon later on discovered he had arcana(magic) in him which could use but wasn’t the best of power. He later on met Claude Graham Smith and became some form of friends. Seth liked to use swords and also liked using his crossbow with rope (good for fishing!). Lucky weapon is his rapier and soon to be one of his ultimate weapons is Hells Right Arm.

He met his end in the cavernous base of an acid-cult of Goblins, having been blasted by wave after wave of acid. Claude pulled his body to safety, but between himself and Bruce Awe-Some, they were unable to revive him in time. As per his dying wishes to “Go out with a bang”, the pair floated his body (stripped of all valuables/usables) down a river (of acid), then threw explosives at it, resulting in his going out. With a large damned bang. Maximus Aura, incidentially, still owes him that weapon.

Sethiropth Magothem

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