Shyet Systafer

Bard in hire by the Darkmoon Guild

  • Age – 23
  • Skin Tone – Pale
  • Hair Colour – Light brown
  • Eye Colour – Hazel
  • Height -
  • Weight -
  • Build – Slim
  • Diety – Pelor
  • Class – Bard

Shyet Systafer was born to an Elven father and Human mother in the alpine village of Vanerkis. At a young age he ran errands and spent his free time socialising with the other children in the village and reading about massive battles and epic adventures of the past, which he would daydream about participating in.

The village was relatively peaceful, except for a vicious gang called the Burning Hand who would wander the province each year and demand protection money from nearby villagers – or else.

When Shyet was 16 the village went through a harsh winter, and the villagers only just had enough for themselves to get by. When the Burning Hand visited Vanerkis that year, the bandits were outraged that the villagers had nothing to spare. The next day they returned and burned down the entire village and slaughtered its inhabitants. Shyet was just able to escape. There were no other known survivors of the massacre.

Desperate to somehow exact revenge on the Burning Hand, Shyet wandered the land for two years, searching for someone, anyone to help him avenge his family and friends. Finally, his prayers were answered in the form of a mysterious guild known as the Mystic Performers, officially a band of actors and musicians, unofficially a group of assassins and mercenaries for anyone with enough gold. Shyet pleaded the Mystic Performers to attack and destroy the Burning Hand’s bandit camp, and the Mystic Performers accepted – on the condition that Shyet work as their slave until he was able to someday pay them off. As requested, they completely obliterated the Burning Hand camp along with all its members. And as promised, Shyet became the property of the guild.

Most of the guild members were unsympathetic to Shyet and worked him hard. However Alara, a female Elven member of the guild, took pity on him and the two secretly became friends. She taught him to play various instruments and bard songs, and also recounted many epic historical stories and poems to him. One day, three years after becoming the property of the Mystic Performers, Alara opened up a window of opportunity for Shyet to escape.

At last a free man, Shyet became a bard and travelled throughout the Darkmoon province, making enough gold to get by, by singing songs and recounting epic poetry to the people of the land, and also undertaking minor quests when the opportunity arose. Desiring a more steady pay and a place to call home, Shyet decided to travel to the city of Darkmoon to try his luck in joining an adventurer’s guild. And, as luck would have it, the Darkmoon guild was currently accepting new members…

Shyet Systafer

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