The Chained One

Mysterious Entity of Evil

  • Age – Unknown
  • Gender – Unknown
  • Motivations – Unknown
  • Height – Unknown
  • Weight – Unknown
  • Defining Features – None Known
  • Class – Unknown
  • Additional Information – None, as it is all UNKNOWN.

Little is known as of current regarding the identity of “The Chained One” to the Darkmoon Guild. The motivations, gender, age, and so on are little more than wild guesses – The Guild knows only that it is called “The Chained One”.

So far, the Guild’s run-in’s with the Chained One are limited to dealing with two persons who refered to the Chained One – A mad Goblin Shaman, who claimed that he would sacrifice the Guild to The Chained One, and Lord Rugdumph, who threatened the same shortly before he became a hideous monstrosity. The group “Righteous Storm” is now known by the Darkmoon Guild to have been attempting to channel energy to The Chained One – Fortunately, they were stopped before they could complete their ritual, but how many other Cults of The Chained One are attempting the same thing?

The Chained One

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