Theren Chros

Elf rogue, bound by his words


Race: Elf
Class: Rogue
Weapons: Shuriken


Theren Chros was an only child in a family of elves. He was brought up on the basis of agreeing things, and also sticking to these agreements, as you will probably see in a moment. He also lived quite close to Maximus Aura which caused him to be Maximus’ one childhood friend (unless you count Max’s stepsister). However, when both were about 9 years old, Theren pulled a prank on Maximus that made Maximus’ secret crush hate him. It was mutually agreed that Theren owed him for that…

After a life of some crime (and by some I mean a lot), Theren decided to clone himself. If it worked, they would catch the clone. If it didn’t… well, he suspected that there couldn’t be anything worse than getting caught. And so, Faral Chros was born, and a couple of days later was dragged away…

With the sudden passing of the Darkmoon Guild’s previous Rogue, Sethiropth Magothem, Maximus recalled Theren’s promise, and asked the leader of the Guild, Claude Grahame Smith, about him joining. It was (reluctantly) agreed that Theren would be asked to join, who (very excitedly) agreed.

At current, Theren has been on no exciting adventures with the Guild.

Theren Chros

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