Illithid Overlord


Tirurak, Overlord of the Underdark. A mighty figure, feared throughout that damned underground hell-hole, as a bringer of death, a prophet of destruction, and the crusher of civilisations. As such, it would only be fitting that he be the one to bring the mighty city of Darkmoon to it’s knees, and expand his empire to above ground.

His plan was brilliant – Almost perfect. He was to infiltrate the city, take a well established buisnessman as his thrall, then begin to implant customers with Illithid embryos. It was an amazingly simple, but amazingly effective plan. And it would work, seemingly perfect, as for fifteen days, the popular restaurant “O.T.’s Inn”, ran by Orak Twine, was capturing, implanting, and growing untold numbers of Illithid spawn. When people begin to dissapear, however, someone is bound to take notice. In this case, the families of those taken. They reported them missing, as one would expect. Tirurak may have gotten slightly ahead of himself, and took too many people in too short a length of time. Public outcry over the loss of their loved ones – A media sensation, promptly plastering the cover of Darkmoon newspapers.

Enter the Darkmoon Guild. Brought to their attention by the Guildmaster, Claude, Kiera Nightshade and Shyet Systafer, two recent hires of the Darkmoon Guild chose to investigate these dissapearances. After a day of investigation, the pair put together a veritable trail of clues, and found themselves outside O.T.’s Inn. They broke in, assisted by the recently returned Sepiroth McGothan, and met with O.T., claiming to be a band. He lead them to the chamber in which captured patrons were implanted with the Illithids, and, expecting them to a pushover, turned on them, setting free several mostly transformed Illithids to attack and subdue the Guild. This backfired, as the Darkmoon Guild promply cleaved their way through the lesser creatures, and ended the life of O.T., who was now, of course, little more than a mindless thrall. In the final chamber, they briefly confronted Tirurak, who, dispite his best efforts, was flung backward through the portal into the Underdark, along with his minions.

Before he could attempt to return, the Guild sealed the portal, followed by leaving the Darkmoon Guard to perform their investigations into the Inn. Tirurak is incenced at his defeat, and has sworn to crush the city of Darkmoon, and take the three who stopped him previously as Thralls for the rest of time.


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