The City Of Darkmoon

The City of Darkmoon is, in and of it’s self, the largest point of civilisation within the realm, it being the Capital. Whilst it could be called a shining point of light in the darkness surrounding it, the truth is that it has just as many flaws as it has benefits. Listed below are some of the many places that the Darkmoon Guild have and can visit whilst within Darkmoon, and those that occupy such places. They are split into the overall areas within Darkmoon, and within those, the individual locations.

Darkmoon heraldry

Places Within Darkmoon

Darkmoon Council

Darkmoon Mafia

Circular Town Square

Residential District

Darkmoon Port


Forge Complex

Darkmoon Prison

Darkmoon Markets


Elaborate Trap System

Perfectly Legal Mage Fort

Portal Ring

Serenity District

Seedy Underbelly

The City Of Darkmoon

Heroes Of Darkmoon The_Unvisible_Man